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    Company Introduction

    CPM TOOL & DIE MANUFACTURER Co.;Ltd   was moved from the tooling department of Zhong Shan Creative Industry & Sciences CO., Ltd for the business expansion and to meet with the market development demands in February 2007.Now in 2011,for the further business expansion,we have moved to new facility with a much bigger land.


       Currently  there are approximately  500 people in   CPM TOOL & DIE MANUFACTURER Co.;Ltd  , which around 75% of them are employed as engineers and technicians, most of them have more than 10 years experiences in tooling industry.


      CPM is specialized in designing and manufacturing the precision metal stamping dies ,which has a strong engineering team with rich experiences and has a lot of precision equipments in manufacturing. It is professional to make all kinds of metal tools, like progressive dies, compound dies, shuttle dies, transfer dies etc. The products from the tools we make are for automobile parts, washing machines and home & office appliances etc.

    General Information

    Address:Address:Taoziyuan High-tech Industrial Area of Cuntou Village, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.

    Business type:Solely owned company
    Factory Area:6,000Square Meters
    Total Area:10,000 Square Meters
    Products:Metal Dies &Plastic moulds
    Employment: 200 employment with following assignment
    R&D department:90
    Manufacturing&Wire cutting Department: 155


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